You’ll be able to convert more people into supporters by boosting virtual event signups, donations, and more. This is an incredibly easy way to boost your virtual fundraising and connect with new prospects. If you haven’t hosted a virtual fundraising campaign before, taking the fundraising process online may seem overwhelming. However, the right virtual fundraising platform can streamline the entire planning and execution process, giving your organization everything it needs to host and manage its next event. Although it’s been nearly three years since the pandemic began, there is still immense value in hosting virtual fundraisers. In fact, 33% of donors prefer to engage completely or mostly virtually with their favorite organizations.

Communicate scarcity (“Only X seats left!”) to encourage donors to act fast and snag a spot at your event. Referrals and the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) are powerful motivators, especially among younger generations. It isn’t good enough to find the perfect platform, spread the word, and hire the headlining act. You need to build memorable moments into your online charity event programming to achieve the greatest impact. Your virtual event is a representation of your nonprofit and what it stands for, so make sure it embodies your mission. Donorbox Events is a simple-to-use, comprehensive event-ticketing form creator, designed specifically to assist nonprofits in selling and managing fundraising event tickets.

While they learn how to cook a tasty meal, you can share beneficiaries’ stories and give a virtual tour of your organization. You can also use Airmeet to raise funds within your online event platform itself! With the Donorbox + Airmeet integration, you can now add your customized and secure donation form directly into the event’s chat, so donors don’t need to leave your event to give. Nonprofit organizations have found great success in holding annual events like galas, pub crawls, and concerts. Thankfully, technological advances have made it possible for nonprofits to hold these events virtually and fundraise online.

Platforms like PayBee make this easy by automatically generating campaign links and landing pages. The links take users straight to a landing page for a fundraiser, making it easy for your organization to gain more support. All of these ideas can be adapted to meet your nonprofit’s specific objectives. With a winning virtual fundraising strategy, you can run successful fundraisers like these year-round to fuel your nonprofit’s mission.

You can sell tickets as well as run some games throughout the night that require an additional donation. Email fundraising makes up ⅓ of online donations, and while your nonprofit may have already held an email fundraiser this year, it may behoove you to do a one-day email fundraising blitz. Think Giving Tuesday but without all the clutter of thousands of organizations asking for money.

  1. Think about what has changed in the last few months and what needs are not being met.
  2. Get local company sponsors, charge ticket costs or entry fees, and add donation requests throughout the show.
  3. Why not record the action as it’s happening and send a link out to everyone who attended?
  4. It works because it takes the existing tendency to give over the Christmas Season and focuses it all on one day.
  5. If every year, you put on a large gala, but you now decide to transition your fundraiser to a virtual 5k because it is easier, this will likely confuse consistent donors.

During the house party, attendees will socialize and enjoy refreshments from the comfort of their own homes. You can even consider having food delivered to each attendee’s home, or sending attendees virtual gift cards for services like DoorDash or Postmates. You can gamify your online event through raffle prizes, silent auctions, live auctions, team fundraisers, virtual fundraising event invitation and award segments for top donors. A little laughter and a whole lot of fun will create a lasting impression for your attendees. Create contests, text-message scavenger hunts, or trivia to encourage attendees to stay to the very end. If your team can script a live event and has the technology to pull it off, live streaming can be a lot of fun for donors.

How to hold successful virtual fundraising events

Set up a gaming championship and offer a range of prizes, games, and live streams. Encourage people to enter an online gaming championship that supports your charity. Offer your social media to a celebrity, or take over a celebrity account for the day. Promote tickets for a fun virtual quiz evening, making each a themed quiz with prizes. Gather book lovers together on a virtual platform for a book club experience. Host a virtual auction that sells niche experiences to a specific target group.

This means that even if some of your donors give money but don’t attend, you should still thank them during your event, and record it so they can view it later. For example, if you’re raising money for an animal shelter, you can share slides telling the story of a rescue animal whose life was changed by past donations. Hosting a virtual yoga class gives members of your community the opportunity to try a new activity, centered around fitness and mindfulness.

#17: Business Mentorship Auction

Your followers and donors know what to expect with your fundraising events. Learn how to sell more tickets for your nonprofit’s fundraising event. There are several categories of online fundraiser that you can choose from when planning your next campaign. How it works depends on the category you choose and the platform you use. Sell tickets to a virtual conference by recruiting a line-up of the most amazing niche speakers.

You can also include interactive activities, like a silent auction, and encourage user-generated content by asking viewers to dress up, use virtual backgrounds, and share social media posts. Volunteers are one of your organization’s most essential parts and they are often one of the most overlooked. Holding an annual volunteer thank you event should be a priority every year. Without showing your appreciation, you can lose quality volunteers. This year, you can make your volunteer thank you event a fun online experience for all with Instagram snapshots and past event videos. You can even include a gift and raffle to get your volunteers more excited.

Partner up with sponsors who can donate to have their logo and relevant hashtags featured in your visual assets and promotional materials. You can create sponsorship tiers that give these corporate partners special benefits, like being able to present their offering during a key slot during the event. Luckily, the benefits far outweigh the effort involved, especially if you go virtual. The fundraising potential comes from registration fees and corporate sponsorship packages, tiered event ticketing, talks, workshops, and virtual exhibition booths. Virtual tours are fantastic for nonprofits like animal shelters, museums, and schools that want to give benefactors the chance to see inside the facilities, spaces, and operations. You can take a page out of the Guggenheim’s book – this museum regularly hosts virtual tours of its gallery.

Check Yourself

As virtual fundraising ideas go, it’s always a good idea to bet on a well-known host, comic, or celebrity to sell your charity items. The instant gift card is a one of those speedy virtual fundraising ideas that creates results. Play with short time periods to land on the right formula for this creative online raffle. Our team has assembled a mega-list of the best fundraising ideas for nonprofits and organizations that want to achieve their goals online. Split into 8 categories, we give you several fundraising ideas for each so that you can choose the start of a unique and high impact virtual campaign.

What To Include In A Fundraising Event Invitation?

The more people buy tickets, the higher the prize – and you get to keep 50% of the proceeds. Technology takes over the legwork of finding raffle prizes, selling tickets at live kiosks or malls, and physically drawing the winning ticket. A virtual raffle has the same components as a live raffle – tickets are sold, prizes are promoted, and a draw is held to declare the winner. A virtual raffle is a simple yet effective fundraiser for organizers who need ideas fast. To make it contactless, you can export all your raffle registration data to a spreadsheet and use a random name generator tool to pick names.

Virtual Sales Fundraising Ideas

If you do need to use WiFi for any reason, opt for 5G and minimize the number of devices using the same network. Splitting up tasks will simplify the entire process from planning to follow-up. Google Ad Grants empower nonprofits like yours to increase their marketing budget by $10,000 in the form of ad credits per month. Through this program, eligible nonprofits can receive credits that they can then spend to promote specific webpages on the results pages for different keywords. At the end of the tour, encourage attendees to donate more if they can, or to visit the museum in person soon. After your event, be sure to prepare an email to all registrants saying thank-you with a donation link and any on-demand content.

By incorporating a wide variety of virtual auction and engagement tactics, the organization surpassed all of their goals for the event. Not only are they typically more cost-effective to plan than traditional live auctions, but they’re also more accessible to broader audiences who can sign up and bid remotely. These benefits can greatly increase the fundraising potential and ROI of your virtual auction.

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